Tanzania secures fund worth USD 24 million to build bridge from Japan

Tanzanian government said that it has received funding from Japanese government worth USD 24 million grant for the construction of Rusumo international bridge that will link the country with its East African neighbor Rwanda to help boost trade.

Mr Mustafa Mkulo, Tanzania’s finance minister, told reporters in a joint press conference with Mr Hiroshi Nakagawa

Japanese ambassador to Tanzania, that the construction of the Rusumo international bridge would replace the existing aging bridge in the same location to enhance bi lateral trade between two nations.

Mr Nakagawa said that Japan will also finance the feasibility study of the project which is estimated to be completed by 2014.

According to the grant agreement, Japan will also provide USD 37 million for feasibility study.

Mr Mkulo hailed Japanese government for continued support of Tanzania’s development projects. Tanzania is Africa’s fourth gold producer behind South Africa, Ghana and Mali. The country also exports cement, copper and other minerals like Iron ore, tanzanite and Uranium.

According to Mkulo, the bridge will also enhance trade transactions among East Africa Community member states which also include Kenya, Uganda and Burundi.

Importers in Kenya of:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Building Material
  • IT & Telecom
  • Food & Hotel Supplies
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Consumer
  • Printing & Packaging
  •  Plastics & Rubber
  • Medical & Health Care

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