Tanzania plans US$30mn gas plant investment in Lindi

Tanzania plans US$30mn gas plant investment in Lindi
The Tanzanian minister for energy and minerals, Sospeter Muhongo, has announced that the government will invest at least US$30bn for the construction of a gas processing plant in Lindi region.

Tanzania plans US30mn gas plant investment in LindiMuhongo said that the development will assist in growing the economy at a faster pace.

Speaking at the official launch of the Nanenane exhibitions in Lindi, Muhongo said the government is already embarking on the grand plan and that Lindi residents and Tanzanians in general should expect economic revolution in a few years to come.

“I would like to ensure Lindi residents and Tanzanians in general that our economy is going to grow at a high speed, we are going to invest at least US$30bn in the construction of gas processing plant,” he said.

Muhongo pointed out that for the gas plant, the government will be required to construct about 200 km of gas pipes from the sea to the plant. Given the large scale of the project, the project requires huge amount of investment, high skilled and experienced personnel as well as good supervision and is likely that it will take many years to complete.

According to the minister, upon completion of the project, the government will be able to process gas and thus boost the country’s economy.

The project is expected to increase earnings for the government through consumption of natural gas while at the same time provide opportunities to improve such sectors as health, aviation, sea ports among others.

Muhongo also added that since the discovery of natural gas in Tanzania, the economy has witnessed tremendous growth, with 70 per cent of power generation coming from gas, which is currently serving more than 30 industries in Dar es Salaam.