Belarus Seeks Trade Partners In Form Of Zimbabwe And Burkina Faso

Belarus Seeks Trade Partners In Form Of Zimbabwe And Burkina FasoAccording to the National Statistics Committee (Belstat), the trade turnover between Belarus and Egypt, the key partner country on the African continent, increased by 140.6% and amounted to $ 41.6 million during the period. Egypt is on the rather extensive list of African countries, where the supply of Belarusian products is increasing. In January-May 2017, it grew by 3.4 times ($ 26.4 million), Your Country’s Tomorrow writes.

The export from Belarus to Angola increased by 54 times (up to $ 31 million), to Zimbabwe – by 57 times($ 12.8 million), to Cameroon – by 16 times ($ 3.3 million), to Senegal – by 3,4 times (8.2 million dollars), to Morocco – by 126.8% (16.7 million dollars), to Nigeria – by 122.8% (7.5 million dollars), to the Ivory Coast – by 104.9% ($ 13.1 million), to Ghana – by 128.9% ($ 3.2 million), and to Guinea – by 19 times ($ 1.8 million).

With most of the listed countries (with the exception of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Guinea), Belarus has a surplus in the foreign trade balance.

A small group of countries in Africa has significantly increased the reciprocal supply. If the export of Belarusian goods to Tanzania increased by 3.1 times ($ 346.7 thousand), the import grew by 13 times ($ 13.4 million). The export fell and, accordingly, the import increased in trade relations between Belarus and Kenya (the amount of import from this country grew by 8.9 times to $ 12.2 million) and Benin (by 74.3% – to $ 23.1 million).

In January-May, the turnover fell with Burkina Faso, Mali, as well as Cameroon and Nigeria (the import from these counties sharply decreased).