Tunisia: exports of dates soar 20%

Tunisia: exports of dates soar 20%Dates’ export earnings rose by 20% compared to the previous season, setting a new record in recent years, a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries said on Tuesday.

The quantities exported from the beginning of the current season (October 1, 2016) to August 7, 2017, have reached 103 thousand tons, including 12 thousand tons of organic dates, with an overall value of 530,398 million dinars, against 104 thousand tons with a value of 445,800 MD, during the same period of the previous season.

This increase is due, according to the ministry, to the capturing of new markets like some countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe, and to the preservation of the Maghreb market which still holds the first place with 26.7 thousand tons of dates exported.

It is followed by France with 7.6 thousand tons, Italy with 7.1 thousand tons, then Spain, Malaysia and Germany with quantities exceeding 6 thousand tons each.