Ethiopia earns $271 million from flower and horticulture export

Ethiopia earns $271 million from flower and horticulture exportEthiopia earned 271 million U.S. dollars from the exports of flower and horticulture products during the just concluded 2016-17 Ethiopian fiscal year, about 1.5% less than last Fiscal Year earnings, according to the Ethiopian Horticulture and Agriculture Investment Authority.

The authority said, the revenue earned was 190 million U.S. dollars short of its initial target for the reported period. Export of flower holds the lion-share of the total 271 million U.S. dollars generated from the sector, with 218 million U.S. dollars. Other horticulture products, vegetable, and fruits accounted for the 53 million U.S. dollars generated.

Ethiopia is the second biggest flower exporter in Africa after Kenya. Most of Ethiopia’s flower and horticulture products are exported to Europe.