Green Economy of Prime Importance according to TPSF Chairman

Investors must adhere to green economy, says Dr MengiDr. Reginald Mengi, Chairman of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), has emphasized the importance of current and potential investors to follow their green code to see that it is properly applied. Dr Mengi has been quoted saying ‘“we cannot sustain economic growth without clean air, safe and reliable water supplies and access to natural resources.”

While addressing the issue at the Tanzania Environmental Experts Association’s (TEEA) first general meeting, he was quoted saying “Every government citizen and business man must recognize the potential of business to deliver growth and the need of business to be engaged in ensuring that growth is within bounds”. He also presented the body’s certificate of registration and constitution at the function in Dar-es-Salaam.

“Protecting the environment and economic growth are not computing objectives, but the two are essential elements for sustainable development,” according to Dr. Mengi. Stressing further on the issue, Dr. Mengi highlighted its importance, now in the present as a vital stimulant for Tanzania’s industrial progression.

The process to transcend Tanzania into an industrial country, involves the skills and competences of all the members of the organization, according to him.

“I urge your association to work hand in hand with the government during this transformation to a greener economy in order to sustainably protect our environment,” he said, before a further underlining the importance of the role the public and every citizen will have to play to meet these targets. Dr. Mengi also spoke of the successful national tree planting campaign initiated by ex – President Benjamin Mkapa, which set out to plant 24 million trees in the Kilimanjaro territory as an model to follow.

For his part, the interim Chairman of TEEA, Prof. Raphael Mwaalyosi said environmental laws require every individual and investor to ensure effective adherence to ethics and principles of conserving the environment.

He said the present situation of environmental management in the country was not promising due to escalating incidence of environmental pollution by investors in industries and other sectors.

The association has learned that most investors ignore experts recommendations, ethics and laws for conserving the environment mainly to favor their self-interest..he specified. He said the association is therefore committed to making sure that all investors and businessmen adhere to environmental ethics and laws.

For her part, the head of the environ mental monitoring and audit department at the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) Glory Kombe said that the government will work to create a favorable environment for stakeholders to work in conserving the environment. The association will act as a platform to enable the government to strengthen environmental assessment initiatives in order to control the environment,” she affirmed