Africa-China join forces to fight climate change

Africa and China cooperate on fighting climate changeChina and Africa relationship has seen exceptional progress in renewable energy. Both the countries are determined to harness the huge potential of clean energy and fight climate change.

Seyni Nafo, Acting Head of the Independent Delivery Unit with the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative, said that Africa had huge potential for renewable energy, but has limited access to it.

Not too long ago China-Africa Renewable Energy Cooperation and Innovation Alliance and AREI, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Both sides will cooperate in renewable energy generation in Africa. Technological and financial support will be provided by the Chinese smart grid providers and core renewable energy manufacturers.

Initial projects include helping build micro-grids in some African households and villages, in combination with large-scale power construction.
This move is expected to better deploy as well as distribute renewable energy technology in Africa. This is part of China’s technology transfer efforts advocated by the United Nations Development Program.

“The MOU indicates a shared vision to combat climate change as well as promote sustainable development. This is mainly because the purpose for renewable energy is to function as a central pillar of China-Africa collaboration on climate issues,” Nafo said.

“Furthermore, the majority of developing countries now have climate policies. “Mobilizing adequate resources to support the implementation of their climate strategies is the biggest challenge they face,” Nafo added.