Rwanda Interns Prepared To Deliver Perfect Medical Services

Rwanda Interns Prepared To Deliver Perfect Medical ServicesDr Diane Gashumba, The Minister for Health, has asked medics to play their role in saving the lives of Rwandans. The call was made couple of weeks back during the deployment of medical interns to different hospitals across the country.

She urged the interns to undertake their duties with hard work and dedication.

“Now that you have completed your studies, I urge you to work hard and, most importantly, make efforts to learn,” she added.

Gashumba commended the aspirations of the interns, “This is quite a challenging profession that requires passion and strong love for it. However, regardless of the challenges, it’s a fulfilling call to be able to improve people’s lives,” the minister said.

The stationing of the medical interns comes a week after the Ministry of Health dispatched 90 medics, including 44 doctors (general practitioners), to serve at provincial and district hospitals and 46 specialists to referral hospitals.

Dr Patrick Ndimubanzi, the minister of state for public health and primary healthcare, urged the medics to be solution-oriented.

One of the interns said, “It is our delight to build our nation through improving health. We will do all that we can to deliver perfect medical services,” said Patience Nkusi.

83 of the interns graduated in Medicine from the University of Rwanda, while nine completed their studies abroad.

The interns will serve in 22 hospitals, including referral, provincial and district hospitals, and private hospitals such as Hopital La Croix du Sud and King Faisal Hospital, Kigali.

The doctors stationed last week included 46 specialists in psychiatrics, pediatricians, gynaecologists and internists.