Dawa Ltd Plan $30 million Investment in New Nairobi Factory

Dawa Ltd Plan $30 million Investment in New Nairobi FactoryLeading Pharmaceutical Company Dawa have designs on a US$ 30 million drugs factory to be constructed in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dawa’s Mnaaging Director, Dr. Ajay Patel shed some light on the prposed project, stating that , the construction of a manufacturing unit in Nairobi would help Dawa effectively open up markets in East and West Africa and help the company further growth.

Mr. Patel also revealed that share-holders are currently locked in talks with financial advisors to raise the requisite funds for the project.

“A Year ago we achieved a turnover of US$ 20m from 2015’s US$ 17m which aids our strategy for expansion. We also plan to enter the Tanzanian market via a distribution network that we have now established,” Mr. kumar was quoted saying.

The new plant is expected to produce pain killers and medication to cure diabetic hypertensive and cardio-vascular issues, according to Dr. Patel.

Dawa is already known to have a steady market in Central and Western African nations such as Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Malawi and Ivory Coast, with this latest development is expected to further strengthen their hold onto that existing market.