President Magufuli Cuts The Ribbon At Mirerani Inauguration

President Magufuli Cuts The Ribbon At Mirerani InaugurationThe Mirerani Road has finally been completed and inaugurated by President John Magufuli. The road stretches from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to a small mining town called Mirerani. The Mirerani road will have the distinction of being the first 26 kilometer long tarmac road in the entire distrct and has an estimated cost of US$ 14 million.

Prof. Makame Mbarawa said that the completion of the road will further promote trade and commerce in the area. With Wananchi expected to also benefit greatly.

The road was constructed by the China Henan International Corporation Group (CHICO) and was fully financed by the Tanzanian government. There is also added optimism on the completion of the road as it is now expected to expose new market in Simanjiro, Arusha, Moshi and other towns to new and exciting business prospects.

This project was one of the government’s biggest promises of the past few years and brings great positivity with it’s completion, as it will most surely revitalize the Tanzania’s economy as it provides ease of transport, which is vital to businesses today.

The Mining at Mirerani also stands to be, a major benefactor from this project, with transport between Mirerani, arusha and Moshi, now very simple.

ON the flip side of things, Tanzania will now forego gemstone mining in the region to make way for the road. Gemstones in the region are said to be ten times rarer than diamonds.