Guru Aly-Khan Satchu To Be Keynote Speaker At Kenya Mining Forum

Guru Aly-Khan Satchu To Be Keynote Speaker At Kenya Mining ForumMr Satchu will be the Keynote speaker for the Kenya Mining Forum in Nairobi which has been moved from November to take place from 4-5 December. The opening session will be addressed by Mr Satchu on “What do the financial markets tell us about the mining industry at present?

“Kenya’s free market credentials give it a unique opportunity to crowd international and domestic investors in. I expect lift-off in the mining sector over the next 5-10 years.” This is according to the leading Kenyan investment and business guru Aly-Khan Satchu, CEO of Rich Management Ltd.

Mr Satchu further said that, “ the opportunity to take a close look at the mining industry came via Base Resources on whose Base Titanium Kenya Board I serve. It has been an amazing opportunity to see the best of breed mining operation up close and personal. “

He pointed out some of the main challenges faced by the Kenyan mining sector, he says “the sine qua non of a successful mining sector is policy making stability and certainty. I believe we have that. These investments are long term. We need to be aware of these realities. In the comparison (see Tanzania and SA), Kenya’s mining star is shining bright. The biggest challenge remains capital and building out a capital markets which can support the industry.”

He added that the Kenyan government “has a crucial and necessary role to play. There is a lot of hype around the industry and we need to be wary of the resource nationalism argument. The Government needs empower the local communites whilst the government receives its fair share. If that equation is interfered with licenses to operate will be more difficult.”

Mr. Satchu will also chair the Investors Breakfast: “I am very excited to be chairing this discussion. Investors are the missing ingredient. I am keen to tease out how we crowd investors in and how we construct a best of breed capital markets which allows us to capture more value.”