Ghana- Wave Energy Is Going To Solve Electricity Crisis

Wave Energy Is Going To Solve Electricity CrisisThe project is set to be developed on the coastline of Accra, the capital city of Ghana according to Face2Face Africa.

“We will explore the possibilities in the ocean waves to generate hydraulic pressure that can easily be turned into electricity, thus meeting the electricity crisis in the West African country,” said Yam Pro.

The company continued by that “with this, Ghana is expected to generate around 1,000MW each day”

Ghana in partnership with the company hopes to assist the country in improving the lives of the citizens by meeting its energy demand.

Currently, the plant is in the construction phase and it will have floaters connected to wave breakers spread across the Ghanaian coastline, which is aiming to push up and down when the ocean waves crash in, thus enabling the turbines to roll and produce hydraulic pressure, reported the source.

The Electricity Company of Ghana has given Yam Pro a power purchasing agreement.

In order to achieve maximum performance, the company said that it is using technology to ensure that maintenance services are conducted timely.