Lenku: Discovery Of Oil And Gas “A Gods Blessing”

oil discoveryFollowing the discovery of gas last week, the exploration process is expected to kick off in the village of Kajiado’s Inkokirding’a soon.

The senior Geothermal Development Company geochemist, George Igunza made the announcement on Tuesday and said that they had finished analysing the gas sample collected from the borehole at the farm in Kipeto plateau.

The analysis revealed that the pure methane gas has a concentration level of 20 percent.

“I have prepared a full report of the findings which will be made public soon,” he told The Star by phone from Nakuru GDC’s laboratories.

The geochemist said mapping will be done to decide the capacity of the reservoir.

He added that engineers will also seek to establish the volume of the resource before calling in more companies to explore oil and gas.

The gas was discovered after a driller contracted by farmer Joseph Melonye dug 200 metres in search of water for his livestock.

The location has since been fenced off by the county and the national government to allow Geothermal Development Company experts to research.

Johnson ole Nchoe, The GDC chief executive was not immediately available for comment as he was in a meeting his secretary said.

Governor Joseph Lenku, who did not want to make any announcement before laboratory tests, described the discovery as “God’s blessing”.

Oil exploration has been going on in some parts of Kajiado West constituency – around Lake Magadi – but National Oil Corporation has not reported a discovery since exploration began two years ago.