Paul Kagame- Corruption is not African

Paul Kagame- Corruption is not AfricanPaul Kagame the President of Rwanda has rejected the notion that Africa is characterized by corruption, and pointed fingers at non-Africans for involving in corrupt acts in the continent.

Kagame at the UN General Assembly in New York called on the rest of the world to see Africa as a partner.

“Corruption is not African, it’s just corruption. There is a misconception that corruption is the way of life in Africa. This is far from the truth,” he said at the Corporate Council on Africa session on U.S.-Africa relations.

“As a matter of fact, in Africa corruption always involves non-Africans …Corruption also takes place around the world,” he added.

Kagame explained that these assumptions have affected investments in the continent from businesses and companies who in some cases allocate funds for bribes.

Kagame attended another conference by the Council of Foreign Affairs where he criticized Western interference in Africa.

He recalled that he was advised not to contest in the elections ahead of the referendum that allowed him to stand for a third term.

He added that the interference was a clear contradiction of the democracy preached by the West as they wanted to deny the people the freedom to choose their leaders.

“How do you expect me to be free when you want to dictate to me how I should live my life? Democracy is a democracy, this whole thing of adding ‘Western’ is okay but what does it mean?,” he was quoted by local media portal New Times.

He eventually won the elections with over 98% of the total votes cast.