Cashew Wins Over Tobacco in Tanzania’s Chunya District

In the outcome of diminishing tobacco costs and ensuing increase in ecological harm, the Chunya District Council in Mbeya area has begun developing cashew nuts to fortify farmers’ profit.

To accomplish the strategy, cashew nut is to be produced on more than 100 hectares and 250 agriculturists will benefit from the product in the primary phase.

Mr. Agustino Ndelwa, Acting District Agriculture Officer while meeting with District Commissioner Ms. Rehema Madusa discussed the activities his office is implementing to restrict the falling of tobacco market which is unfavorably affecting more than 8000 farmers who depend on tobacco cultivation.

He announced that they have already begun the cash crop development and have acquired 100 kgs of seeds from Mtwara cashew nut board. The seeds are planted block-wise in time this farming season prepared for cultivation. He stated, “We will start with 250 farmers who will cultivate 100 hectares”.

He likewise commented that Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) specialists have analyzed the district land and stamped it proper for cashew nut cultivation.

As per Ms. Madusa, farmers should be instructed concerning diminishing generation of tobacco while additionally protecting nature and increasing sufficient market by managing other farming products.

In the event that the cashew nut generation thrives, the economy of the farmers and locale will be supported. One illustration being amid the second stage sale of cashew nuts in Lindi, where farmers could offer 5000 tons with the rate going at 3,930/ – for one kg.