Kenya to Closely Monitor Trade Related To Oil and Gas

Kenya to Monitor Trade Related To Oil and GasThe new information and communication technology system will lead to the close monitoring of trade related to oil and gas.

The project, dubbed The Regulatory Management Information System (RMIS), has been backed by the World Bank and is designed to eliminate substandard goods within the industry.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has appointed the management consulting services company as an advisor.

Advantech will be responsible for managing the team that builds the technology by providing data and information.

“Our work is basically to review the regulatory mandate of the ERC and advise on system requirements with a view to improving it,” said Joseph Waruingi, Managing Director of Advantech.

“We will draw up the specifications. We are to advise on how all systems will work together to assist the ERC to deliver on its mandate.”

Another attribute of the RMIS is its ability to observe information on the delivery system of the oil without being on site.

The system aims to address challenges in the sector as part of a larger project – the Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance project.

“It will be possible to tell who is the service provider selling illegal cylinders, what fuel has entered the pipeline, when it arrives at the tankers. It is a very specific system.”