Angola’s Exports on the rise. Trade with neighbors yields about U.S. $200 Million

The export figures for Angola are on the rise with timber, shellfish, cement and ornamental rocks exported to the neighboring countries, Congo, Zambia and Namibia that have recorded a considerable growth, reaching USD 196 million for Angola.

On a positive note the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Amadeu Leitão Nunes, said that the above figure does not include the USD 980 million of trade between Angola and DRC on various other products.

Amadeu Nunes said a work is in progress to determine the reasons being record discrepancies while speaking to journalists during the presentation of an 18-month study of the DRC, Namibia and Zambia markets conducted and funded by the European Union. An Angolan high level delegation is expected to visit Congo soon to discuss with the senior authorities the restrictions on exports of some Angolan products which is a relevant and strategic trade partner.
The EU ambassador to Angola, Tomás Ulicny, said that the results and conclusions of the neighboring countries’ market study is intended to provide relevant information to help with economic and commercial policy decisions by the national authorities and the private sector in identifying and investing in opportunities in those markets. The completion and dissemination of these studies, valued at Eur. 12 million, is the result of a programme financed by the EU to support the integration of the Angolan economy into the world and regional markets and promote exports.