Ethiopia: Government Enterprise NALF Launches New Range of Alcohol

The National Alcohol & Liquor Factory (NALF) has launched ‘National Vodka’, a new brand of alcohol. This new brand has been long anticipated and took a full year to officially launch and is now available in the market.

The new drink will have 40 percent alcohol content and will be sold in bottles of 750ml. It will be the newest addition to locally bottled vodkas from the Black Lion and Abyssinia brands.
The vodka will be packaged in a 0.75 litre bottle and sold for around 100 Br. The bottles will be packed in a box, which can hold one, two, six and 12 bottles at once.

“Although we have a long-term plan, we have planned to initially distribute to specific places such as bigger hotels and supermarkets,” Alem Walday, sales team leader at the Factory told Fortune, adding that the state-enterprise has likewise installed a machine for the production of the vodka.

The company also launched products like Apple and Coke areage last year alongside a line of 15 types of labels. Ranging from 24 to 43 percent alcohol content.

“As many Ethiopians consume beer, there is still a large potential for high revenues, but that requires a good market strategy,” Getie Andualem (PhD), a senior marketing instructor and researcher at the Addis Abeba University (AAU). “With good promotion and competitive pricing that profitability will come.”

The state enterprise exports its products to Kenya, South Sudan and Israel. It also has plans to begin shipping products to China, the United States and South Africa.