Tanzania- Renewable Energy to Power All Islands

Tanzania- Renewable Energy to Power All IslandsThe government of Tanzania in collaboration with the ministry of energy has come up with a strategy that will enable electrification of all islands in the country through renewable energy.
The deputy minister, Ms. Subira Mgalu, announced this at the weekend during her tour of Mafia where she inspected the implementation of some power projects.

Ms. Subira Mgalu promised the Mafia residents that the government was committed to providing them with sustainable energy, especially solar power, in an effort to boost industrial activities in all islands.

The project is expected to begin in September by providing solar panels to all public institutions on the islands in order to for them to improve their services according to Ms Subira. For his part, the representative of the director general of Rural Energy Agency (Rea), Mr. Hussein Shamdas, said the study for the requirements of the panels has already been finalized and that the project will start in September.

Mr. Hussein said “Right now we are looking for an area where the solar energy plants will be installed,”

Furthermore, the power plants that will be installed will have the same capacity as that of diesel and water. During her tour, the minister also handed over two sets of lamps that use solar energy to very dispensary she visited in the districts to help improve delivery of services.