Ethiopia – The Demand For Pasta Is Increasing

Pasta Products gaining more popularity in Ethiopia. Due to less access to imported durum wheat qualities; it generally uses bread wheat for grinding into pasta flour. Innovative idea makes it possible to adjust the functionality of these flours to the requirements of pasta production.

Pasta is a global export hit from Italy and has established itself firmly in Ethiopian’s kitchen, too. Spaghetti and macaroni are popular staple foods in this country, with the largest population in East Africa.

Increasing urbanization in Ethiopia has increased pasta demand. The new lifestyles are replacing family traditional eating habits.

There is more demand for convenience and fast food products that are quick and easy to prepare.

Most Ethiopians shop at local markets, where the traders offer fast food such as penne or fusilli from large sacks. Spaghetti, which breaks easily, is available as a packaged product at food stores.

Pasta is looked upon as a rapidly growing segment of the Ethiopian food industry. Market experts estimate annual per capita consumption of about 5 kilos.

By looking at the demand for pasta the country’s large mills have invested in well-equipped pasta factories of their own.