Volkswagen Motorsport India and South Africa to Continue Local Operations

Volkswagen Motorsport India and South Africa have announced that their respective local operations will continue. The announcement comes days after the decision of Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH to end all motorsport programmes aimed at electric mobility has been announced.

The company said that the termination of all motorsport activities is part of the “realignment and further focusing” of the company on the segment of electric vehicles. However, VW India and South Africa are some of the markets to continue the planned motorsport operations, which form a major part of the brand’s communication and marketing activities.
Responding to a carandbike query, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Statement, India read, “Volkswagen India will continue its ICE-based Motorsport programme in India. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have recently started our Virtual Racing Championship, India’s first virtual Motorsport Championship, and are hoping to be back on track in 2021 with our one-man series. Volkswagen Motorsport India will continue its efforts to nurture and provide a dynamic platform for emerging young talent across the nation.”

Meanwhile, VW South Africa has issued a statement to the effect that, “Following the announcement earlier this week that Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH will cease its involvement in motorsport activities as part of the company’s realignment and further focusing, Volkswagen South Africa confirms that it will continue with its local motorsport operations which include customer service and support including the Polo Cup and Supa Cup categories.”

The announcement comes as a relief to the Indian brand’s operations as well as its motorsport programme. Volkswagen Motorsport India has been in India for 10 years, a momentous occasion that marked a number of one-time championships, including the Polo Cup, the Vento Cup and the Ameo Cup.

In 2020, Volkswagen Motorsport India was all set to revive the Polo Cup with a new car. However, the pandemic forced the carmaker to change plans and to introduce the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship (VW-VRC) instead of a first-of-its-kind digital one-make series. The championships have also been instrumental in the exploration and promotion of grassroots talent.