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I as an international facilitator can help in solar powered projects and STP units as well as managing MSW and LANDFILL issues. Possible introduction of MSW TO ENERGY as well depending on conditions of landfill.
Product/Services: VAWT and Solar power hybrid systems for telecom towers. Solar power IPP. Solar power captive power projects. Solar power rooftop projects. SEWAGE treatment compact plants. COMPOSTERS for garbage, avoid landfills. MSW TO ENERGY. MANAGING MSW and landfills. Reducing volumes of MSW to landfill and increasing years to landfill use.
Address: Pune Maharashtra
Country: India     
City: Poona
Telephone: +917875479944     


VALOREM is an independent green energy operator with 18 years experiences and 145 employees. VALOREM handle every aspect of renewable energies, from development, to construction, through technical studies and operating-maintenance and provides his technical assistance in France, Europe, Caribbean and Africa. VALOREM group provides a large panel of services, technical assistance and expertises to help you for your green energy projects. Our subsidiaries are : VALREA for construction; VALEOL for research and development, transport and commissioning; VALEMO for operating and maintenance and OPTAREL for energy management systems. VALOREM has developed a large range of high level technical services to carry out your green energy project.
Product/Services: Research, surveys, construction, manufacturing, operation & maintenance of renewable energies power plants, wind power, solar power
Address: 213, cours Victor Hugo Begles cedex 33323 France
Country: France     
City: Begles
Telephone: +33 (0)5 56 49 42 65     
Fax: +33 (0)5 56 49 24 56