Rwanda offers most affordable solar home systems in Africa

Rwanda offers most affordable solar home systems in AfricaRwanda has done it again; Ignite Power is the biggest solar financing company in Rwanda. Rwanda people now have the most affordable Solar Home Systems in Africa, 30% more affordable than Kenya, 40-70% more affordable than any similar product in Rwanda.

Ignite Power has the fastest scale up in Africa with a connection rate of about 250 households (1,500citizens) per day in Rwanda. Rwanda is leapfrogging into the future of energy with such schemes.

Rwanda is not unacquainted in setting the record in the solar energy sector. In 2015, Rwanda set the record for the biggest solar power project in East Africa, with the Rwamagana solar power plant in Aghozo-Shalom village.

Even though the record was afterwards broken by Uganda’s 19 million USD Soroti Solar plant, Rwanda is now back on the lead, with the 38 million US $ Ignite Rwanda solar project.

To fuel its economic growth, Rwanda’s aim is to significantly boost its energy supply from 190 MW in 2016 to 563MW in 2018. Whilst at the same time boosting access to electrification to 100% of homes and public institutions with a mixture of 48% on grid and 52% off grid energy supply solutions.

The goal set out in the Rural Electrification Strategy by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) is to attain 70 % of electricity access by 2017/2018. Of this, at least 48 per cent of the homes will be

either be linked to the national grid or own an off grid large Solar Home System which is proficient of supplying the same electricity as the national grid. 22 per cent will own a smaller off grid system consisting of 4 light bulbs, phone charging point and a radio.

The affordable solar home systems scheme is driven by public-private partnerships.

Ignite Power Ltd is one of the solar financing companies that have signed an execution agreement with MININFRA to offer quality Home Solar Systems to 250,000 homes in the rural areas. Ignite Rwanda project

is the leading solar project in East Africa in terms of worth according to a 2016 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Survey. Energy Development Corporation Ltd (EDCL) is behind the project in creates customer awareness and mobilization.

The company started a full countrywide roll-out in June, 2016 and has as a result trained and deployed over 830 installers to arrive at a rate of up to 250 household connections daily.

In 2017, the company aims to link 30,000 homes each quarter.

With a few solar power distributors already in the Rwandan market, Ignite power model is distinctive. The company concentrates on client financing, and works together with local distributors, from reputable Rwandan companies to local entrepreneurs