ICOMIA adds South African export council

ICOMIA adds South African export councilThe South African Boat Builders Export Council rejoined the International Council of Marine Industry Associations.

The council, referred to as Sabbex, brings the number of full ICOMIA members to 36 that span 34 countries.

“We very much look forward to working with Sabbex again in the development of the South African boat building industry by supporting its activities in export promotion, development and market prioritization,” ICOMIA secretary general Udo Kleinitz said in a statement.

Through developing awareness around the manufacture of boats, yachts, multihulls, catamarans, vessels and inflatables in South Africa to the international market, Sabbex aims to assist the industry with access to markets and export marketing activities, and help gain traction in specific markets around the world.

Sabbex originally joined ICOMIA in 2008, but after discussions between the Boating Industry Association South Africa and the Cape Town Boat Building Initiative it was decided Sabbex should focus on boat exporters and building the South African marketing brand internationally under the umbrella of a new association that would unify the entire South African marine industry.

Therefore, in 2012 the Marine Industry Association of South Africa was formed; replacing Sabbex as ICOMIA’s South African member. In 2016, however, it was decided MIASA and its members would be reabsorbed into Sabbex, which has now expanded its activities to fulfil the role of a more representative national trade association.

ICOMIA’s members include marine industry associations from the vast majority of industrialized countries from North America across to Japan and from Finland down to New Zealand.