FNB Namibia Gets A 4-Star Rating

FNB Namibia Gets A 4-Star RatingAfter the building had achieved the first 4-Star Green Star design rating earlier this year, the building owner aimed even to achieve even higher ratings for their next building, the media release stated.

WSP provided their technical expertise on the project

The Sustainability Consultant, WSP Building Services Africa, Greg Rice said: “As this is the first building rated well outside of South Africa, it turns out to be a remarkable an achievement for the sustainable construction industry in Africa.”

Rice continued “The As Built rating certifies that the building has been optimized and constructed to perform in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that the efforts put into the planning are in fact carried through to completion.”

He pointed out that the project had achieved 55 points in its design rating in 2014/2015, which he says is a comfortable 4 Star rating as the threshold is 45 points.

“As the buildings ratings were capable of increasing, it was obvious that would want to investigate further opportunities to achieve a 5-Star rating – which requires 60 points to be certified. Its final As-Built rating was 64 points.”

Sarel van Zyl, CEO of FNB Namibia Holdings, said “We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and once again thank everybody involved, who have made this possible. This is a testament to hard work by the construction and operational team.”