Global Traders With New Million-Barrel Tanks try to win the Africa’s Oil Hub

The strategic oil storage for South Africa during segregation is now gearing up to attract the biggest traders as it revolve into a global center for crude.

Being the busiest energy transit routes, giving traders the option to store and combine various crude grades to help maximize profits at a time earnings have taken a beating.

Since this is the key location, flexibility is the other main selling point. The tanks can adapt a wider market with the blending capability and configuration.

The main advantage is their strategic position between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, giving merchants comparatively easy access to markets in Asia, Europe and America.

All the individual new tanks has concrete walls and about 200 steel-reinforced concrete columns support a roof that large trucks can drive on. Apart from metal tanks, concrete is lower maintenance and helps keep temperatures constant, meaning fewer barrels will be lost to evaporation.

Forthcoming project is inspired by the design of six neighboring state-owned tanks, which were completed in the 1980s during the segregation era to ensure oil supplies for the politically isolated country. All new tanks have upgraded safety measures, cutting-edge blending capability with more flexibility.

Success is partly dependent on oil-market structures that sometimes make it engaging to store crude and sell at a later date.