Reuse and Recycle Plastic Waste has been executed by Manufacturers in Kenya

Manufacturers in Kenya have dedicated to undertake on collaborative strategies towards the reuse and recycling of plastic waste.

Upon establishing the Kenya Plastics Action Plan, manufacturers under the Kenya Association of Manufacturers will arrange with the Ocean Plastics Charter, which is a long term private sector initiative on the sustainable manufacture, use and recycling of plastics. All manufacturers are advised to sign on to the Charter as a means of achieving sustainability in waste management.

KAM Chair Sachen Gudka address that “We have been keen on promoting the establishment and implementation of plastics Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes by manufacturers across our membership. Along with the development of a Kenya Plastics Action Plan, KAM aims to bring the Ocean Plastics Charter to life within our national context”. He also made aware that the development and progress of any economy goes hand in hand with waste management.

By signing up this Charter, the business community commits to, sustainable design, production and after use markets, plastic collection management and other systems infrastructure through Extended Producer Responsibility schemes and supporting research and innovation and new technologies.

Plastics represent an important part of any economy.