Kenya to build a floating bridge for pedestrians in Likoni, Mombasa

Kenya is expected to start building of a floating temporary pedestrian bridge in Likoni, Mombasa, via the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA). The will consist of a floating segment of 529 meters extending from north to south of Likoni, with approaches of 54 meters on either side of the floating bridge. It will be joined by pins and hinges with guard rails mounted on either side of the deck to ensure pedestrian safety.

The project includes constructing pile foundations and a Bailey bridge (a short-term lattice steel bridge built to be rapidly assembled from prefabricated parts) with movable main steel bridge in the middle of the channel to enable ships to pass.

The project has been awarded to China Road and Bridge Construction (CRBC) and according to KeNHA ‘s statement, the effective contract start date is May 20 this year and the project is to be finished in six months time.

The over USD 14 million project, funded entirely by the Kenyan government, is ahead of the long-awaited Likoni permanent bridge whose development is reportedly still in the design and consultancy process with the construction date yet to be declared. Not to be confused with the long-delayed permanent bridge across the water body, the floating temporary pedestrian bridge is expected to fix the problem faced by Likoni residents in entering Mombasa Island and vice versa upon completion, and above all to relieve congestion on ferries and reduce the chance of contracting Covid-19 on vessels ferrying more than 300,000 commuters daily.

Francis Kazungu, Sub-County Commissioner of Likoni, said the majority of Likoni residents are working outside the area, mostly in Mombasa area, using the ferry crossing every day so they’ve had severe issues to maintain social distance.