The path of the future in Africa & Rest of the world

Africa is now growing fastly in eduaction, infrastructure and healthcare area. Facilities are increasing in all areas, all these things required basic energy utilisation. Minimum requirement of life can be possible only by the Solar energy, This is relevent in throughout the world. People are using indigenously made solar lamps by putting together tiny cables, bulb and rechargeable battery, thats all. The litting up of lamp spread wide smiles on the faces of common people that proves in just one of the many ways in which solar energy can be useful in our daily lives.

To communicate the growing need for renewable energy solutions in South Africa, Greenpeace Africa was hosted a youth solar training course from 1st to 8th October, 2012.

This training was set up to empower and trained the young activists and volunteers, giving them skills and knowledge of solar energy, its utility, as well as hands on experience on how to use solar-powered equipment like lamps, water heaters, cookers and parabolic dishes.

Greenpeace invests in such trainings programmes as a way of helping South Africa deal with issues of climate change with the hope that these youth will pass on the knowledge acquired to their local communities and will make a network to spread the knoweldge of solar energy among the people of their country.

There are a range of solar technologies that can be utilized to save energy and create green jobs. Empowering the future generation with such knowledge is a good investment towards the future of South Africa.

Greenpeace urges our country to pursue and further explore the development of a green economy along with green energy. For instance, in a country where we experience sunshine almost all year round, investing in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind has the potential to create more sustainable employment opportunities with an increase of 78000 jobs by 2030 in the energy sector alone.

This story can be repeat in all those areas of the world, where energy is very much required to improve the total Living Life Index, for example South American countries and Asia. In India and China where one third of the world population lives, energy is one of the biggest ever challenge with the governments of the respective countries. This kind of programmes really beneficial for energy users from distant areas of the countries. Government should involve NGOs, International Organisations in such kind of programmes like greenpeace doing in South Africa.

Global climate changing very fastly, global warming, rise of sea level is a big threat. To fight with the current situation There should be some local public-government bodies constituated to who ensure the minimum need of energy and its consumption and promote the green energy

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