Drones Delivering Medical Aid in Rwanda

San Francisco based company Zipline, has made some great progress in their projects in Africa. Zipline is a high tech drone start-up, manufacturer, logistic service provider and a public healthcare system consultant.

Zipline has been transporting medicinal supplies to medical facilities in Rwanda since October 2016.

The company has been co-coordinating frequently with governments and medical facilities in Africa to accomplish their goals. They have also employed the help of Llamasoft, whose global impact team has given them details about the supply chains in Africa. This has played a major part in additional cost-cutting.

Creator and COO of Zipline, Will Hetzler depicted the association’s goal in Rwanda as to maximize the budgetary allowances open to the nation to fulfill the best utilization of their supply chain. This is the where he credits the work done by Llamasoft to decide how merchandise should stream to patients, what amount they ought to be put away, and what amount ought to be stationed at every hub in the supply chain.

Zipline widely inquired about the intricate details of taking up a venture up of this magnitude in Africa before the project took off in 2016. A number of officials went to Rwanda and Tanzania to increase their firsthand knowledge about what medical items that are most required in these areas and why they were not accessible at the moment.

This information was then passed on to Zipline’s headquarters. This helped make a customized service to meet the medical needs of Rwanda. The next step will see Zipline’s operations stretch into the neighboring Tanzania.