Good news for Tanzania as The energy regulator has announced a huge cut in fuel prices for February

The announcement is made by the energy regulator for a great cut in fuel prices for February for a second month in a row due to continuing global oil price fall.
New retail prices for petrol in Dar es Salaam that were effective from 6th February 2019 are 2,120/- per litre down from 2,295/-, which is equal to 7.61 per cent decrease, the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) announced in public notice.

The regulator also slashed diesel retail prices by 6.48 per cent to 2,080/- from 2,224/- per litre in Dar es Salaam.

“It dropped kerosene prices by 156/- per litre where the new prices for February will be 2,046/- from 2,202/- per litre (equivalent to 7.08 per cent decrease) in Dar es Salaam.

New retail prices for petrol in Dodoma will be 2,179/- down from 2,354/- of January, and retail prices for diesel will be 2,139/- down from 2,283/-, the energy regulator declared.

Likewise, as compared to the publication of last month, wholesale prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene have also fallen by 174.03/- per litre (equivalent to 8.02 per cent), 143.65/- per litre (equivalent to 6.84 per cent) and 155.32/- per litre (equivalent to 7.47 per cent), individually.

Nevertheless, the storage terminal in Tanga has enough products received since December 2018 where the available petroleum products will be able to meet the demand of petroleum products in the Northern regions.

Thus, the prices of petroleum products that are effective from 6th February 2019 have been insistent based on the cost of the products that were received through Tanga port in December 2018.