Kenya Commences Work on Huge Hybrid Renewable Energy Project

The hybrid renewable energy facility will link complementary wind and solar generation with battery storage. The 80MW project is co-owned by MCIDC and Windlab.

Windlab’s global CEO Mr Roger Price said “Meru County is blessed with accomplished energy resources including both wind and solar. We are bringing our international experience of developing and achieving hybrid renewable energy facilities from Australia to Meru County, Kenya” said Douglas Kaume, a local engineer born and raised in Meru County who works at Windlab as a project developer, highlighted how important this project is for Athwana ward and beyond.

He added “We are already seeing the benefit of Meru County’s partnership with Windlab on this project. I am proud to be an employee of Windlab and to see community investments and benefits already starting in the area even ahead of project construction which will start in 2021”.

Windlab representatives visited Meru County to check on the construction of a 120m wind monitoring mast, which will collect wind speeds and weather data, and also visited Laciathuriu Day Secondary School where the project has sponsored a school fence.

Meru County’s engagement to the exciting and innovative Meru County Energy Park project was once again confirmed by the Honourable Governor and Deputy Governor when they hosted the delegation of project partners from around the world, in the Governor’s office in Meru.