Charity Motivating People With Spinal Cord Damage in Tanzania

SPINAL cord damage has made millions of people disabled and poor, to mitigate the situation, Motivation Africa, which is part of Motivation, an international development charity and social enterprise seeks to enable them have independence and opportunities.

The charity has been working with Kilimanjaro Association of Spinal Cord Injuries (KASI) and Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU) to support people with spinal cord injuries in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions.

Mr Goodluck Chanyika, a senior official with Motivation in the country, told recently that under a project dubbed ‘Rebuilding Lives, Growing Livelihoods’, it has given people wheelchairs, training and instilling in them new skills so they could earn incomes, live independent lives and provide for their families.

“As part of this project, participants were loaned cameras to take photographs of everyday challenges they face in their homes and communities.

The photos show how difficult it can be to get around towns and cities as a wheelchair user. They also show that people with disabilities can work and achieve great things when they are given opportunities and support,” said Mr Chanyika.

The charity aims at providing better information on life with a disability in the country and encourage politicians to formulate laws that create equality for people with disabilities so that they can improve their lives.

Ms Linda Swai from Moshi Municipal Council who has lived with the challenge since 1993. She has been supported with a retail shop project. She pleads with the government to support them by making public transport friendlier to them. All beneficiaries are provided with wheelchairs.

Another beneficiary is Mr Goodwill Linus from Hai District in Kilimanjaro is one of those with spinal cord damage and also KASI chairman who got a disability after falling from a tree.

He has since been trained by Motivation in leadership, financial administration and entrepreneurship. He conducts agricultural activities, keeps livestock and rears chickens.

Motivation has since invited government leaders and revealed an exhibition of photographs as a means to raise public awareness of the disabled rights and inclusion in Tanzania.