Lighting Company Commissions Electricity Brings Jubilation at Tanzania Border

Emesuti area full of triumph, as Narok South Sub County at the border of Tanzania country after Kenya Power and Lighting commissioned electricity in the area that costed Sh26 Million.

Narok South Member of Parliament Korei Ole Lemain said the area has been lagging behind economically because of poor infrastructure and thanked the power company for installing electricity in the ward that is over 200 kilometers from Narok town.

“This is a miracle to the residents of this area. We are very grateful to Kenya Power Company for getting electricity to people at the grassroots who have never dreamed of lighting their houses with electricity,” said Lemain.

Lemain spoke in the area where he lauded the government for its commitment to installing electricity to all households in the country.

“I want us to continue with the same spirit so that we install electricity to all the villages in my sub county. I am now a happy man because what seemed so impossible is gradually becoming a reality to our people,” he reiterated.

Daniel Sunkuyia, the Chairman of Emesuti Dispensary acknowledged the project was a big boost to the residents as the dispensary could now perform 24 hours without intervention.

“This being a hospital, electricity is very important as some operations require electricity to function. We are grateful to the government for making our dream a reality,” said the dispensary manager.

Loita ward Member of County Assembly (MCA) Charles Nkiton said the area is famous for poor infrastructure but believed the commissioning of electricity in the area would open up the area for more development.

“We as residents of this area are too grateful to the government of the day for remembering us. We expect that our standards of livelihood will change for good,” the MCA reiterated.

South Rift Acting regional Manager Mercy Sialai asked the residents to take advantage of the electricity to boost their businesses by increasing their business hours.

Ms. Sialai recognized that the electricity would boost digital learning in schools so that the children of the little known village could enjoy learning like any other child in the country.