Introduction to an online plastic recycling platform in Egypt

The Egyptian subsidiary of Swiss food group Nestlé has just launched an initiative to reinforce the recycling of plastic waste in Egypt. One of the axes of the project is that the creation of a digital platform which can enable the monitoring of recycling activities in Egypt.

“Details of the plastic recycling process and thus the quantities of waste recycled” will soon be accessible with a click in Egypt. The Egyptian subsidiary of Swiss food group Nestlé has just launched an initiative to recover and recycle plastic waste within the land of the pharaohs. Within this framework, a digital platform dedicated to the management of plastic waste are getting to be created. Paymob are getting to be responsible of fixing the online platform. The company will facilitate payments within the center East and Africa. As a neighborhood of its initiative, Nestlé Egypt is additionally collaborating with the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment and CID Consulting, an organization that provides management and development consulting services for public and private sector organisations.

The initiative launched by Nestlé Egypt aims to support and stimulate the gathering and recycling of plastic waste. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, will function the pilot city for the project. “The digital platform pays monthly, through electronic wallets, everyone registered within the system for his or her contribution to the initiative,” says Moataz El Hout, President and CEO of Nestlé North East Africa. According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (Capmas), 44.8% of Egyptian households don’t have proper waste disposable system and 52% of industries manage their waste within an equivalent way.

Nestlé Egypt’s plastic waste recovery and recycling initiative comes about two months after the approval of a replacement law on waste management in Egypt. Through this project, Swiss group subsidiary hopes to make progress towards its goal of making 100% of its plastic packaging in Egypt recyclable or reusable by 2025.