Development projects being inaugurated by PM Abiy in Eastern Ethiopia

FDRE Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed visited Eastern Ethiopia, Somali State and the Dire Dawa City Administration to initiate and launch new development projects and visit the Locust Infested Farmlands.

The Prime Minister’s long day visit has given rise to new development blessings and gifts in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. Early in the morning, Dr. Abiy has opened some 300 km of roads in the Somali State budgeted for more than 6 billion birr.

According to Dr. Abiy the road projects include the Gode-Kelafo Lot-1, Gode-Hargele Lot and Yale-Dana Lot-3 development projects to be completed within 4 years. As to Dr. Abiy the roads that are being launched seek to bind local communities and make it possible to link the market around them. In addition, the roads would also make the town of Gode the development hub of the area.

At the same day, Prime Minister Abiy also launched the construction of Gelelesh-Degehamdo road with 1.8 billion birr budget in the Somali region. While launching the 110 Kms Gelelesh-Degehamdo road, PM Abiy has inaugurated the 56 km Jigjiga-Gelelesh-Degehamdo route, which has been completed with a budget of over one billion. The Gelelesh-Degehamdo road is part of the 166 km Jigjiga-Gelelesh-Degehamdo road, the main growth corridor of the area, according to the premier.

Prime Minister Abiy also visited the Gode Irrigation Dam, which is under construction on the Shebele River in the Somali Regional State. The dam is expected to irrigate over 2,000 hectares of land to grow wheat in a lowland region that is part of the lowland agriculture that Ethiopia is targeting to satisfy its local demand for local wheat products. Additional products such as wheat, tomatoes, fruit and oilseed are also expected to be grown using the new irrigation dam.

Finally, in Somali Town, Abiy visited wheat and other crops cultivated on 100 thousand hectares of land in Aw Barre Woreda. The Prime Minister was appreciative of productivity growth, with farmers receiving 30 quintals per hectare. Dr. Abiy emphasized the need to increase production per hectare in the future by incorporating agricultural mechanization.

Following his visit in Somali State, Premier Abiy’s visit continues to Dire Dawa City Administration and inaugurated two development projects.

The Dire Dawa Industrial Park, located on 150 hectares of land with 15 sheds in the first phase of industrial development, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Abiy. During the inauguration of the park, Dr. Abiy said the park would give young people in the city the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge. Dr. Abiy also admired the residential homes, pedestrian walkways and green heritage trees planted in the park within a short period of time.

In addition, during his visit to Dire Dawa, the Prime Minister also inaugurated an abattoir processing meat for export. The new abattoir was constructed five kilometres from the town of Dire Dawa, with a slaughter capacity of more than 100 camels and 30 thousand sheep and goats per day.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy said on his social media page that the Dire Dawa Abattoir would allow the country to earn foreign currency by using the vast potential of livestock resources in the region. He added that it would also open up new employment opportunities for the local community and new business opportunities for local livestock.

Finally Dr. Abiy has visited and observed the damaged crops by Desert Locust in Goro Gutu Woreda of Eastern Harerge Zone of Oromia regional State. Although the efforts of the government and the citizens prevent more damage, the swarm has destroyed a lot of hectare. Dr. Abiy promised that the government will provide adequate assistance to the farmers affected by the Locust swarm.