Karatu Health Project in Tanzania Gets Over 80m/ – Boost

The KIHEWA Health Project has received funding to improve maternal and child health in medical facilities.

In the Endabash and Eyasi divisions in the Karatu District, World Vision Tanzania provided 87m/- and procured equipment for the project.

Dr Lucas Kazingo, Karatu District Medical Officer (DMO), thanked the organisation for receiving the donation, saying the funding was of great benefit to the people of the two divisions and beyond.

“The Endabash Health Center is surrounded by a variety of dispensaries so that the funding would allow it to provide advanced medical care, including surgery. There will be no need to rush patients to the district hospital. We thank you for this support,” said Dr Kazingo.

He was of the opinion that the funding and project would minimise the number of deaths among pregnant women, giving birth to mothers and children under the age of five.

The equipment supplied includes beds intended for the operation and delivery of women, breathing aids and to keep newborns warm.

Some were sent to four health facilities and later all 12 facilities will receive the support.

Mother and Child Coordinator, Hasna Sandawa pledged to maintain the equipment so that they could be used for long to help many patients.

The project is set to benefit directly 11,937 people while indirectly 46,545 people will also be helped.

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