Tanzania’s government plans to build soil testing laboratories.

In order to allow farmers to take informed decisions the Tanzanian authorities planned to open laboratories in all districts of the country for soil analyses.

In the financial years 2021 to 2022, beginning July 1, Hussein Bashe, Deputy Minister for Agriculture told Parliament in the capital Dodoma, they will have laboratories set up in agricultural centres in the districts.

Bashe was responding to questions from members of Parliament who wanted to know about the government’s attempts to help farmers understand the condition of their soil before planting various types of crops.

During a week-long debate on the 2021/2022 National Development Plan, which was introduced by Philip Mpango, the minister of finance and planning, lawmakers brought up the soil testing issue.

Bashe told the House that soil analysis is used to assess the amount of nutrients present in soil samples, which helps farmers to make informed decisions.

He said the soil testing laboratories will be established in tandem with the distribution of 7,400 motorcycles equipped with GPS and tablets to extension officers who would be interested in the soil testing.

According to Bashe, the motorcycles would enable extension officers to reach as many farmers as possible in rural areas across the country.