Gnugrid Raises $250,000 for Its Off-Grid Monitoring Solution

GnuGrid Africa wants to enhance the dissemination of its “Solar Sentra” digital monitoring solution to off-grid companies in Africa. To do so, the Ugandan company recently carried out a financial mobilisation, which resulted in the raising up to US$ 250,000.

The funds that were raised from investors based in the USA. “We want to focus on the off-grid solar energy market in Uganda and other markets in Africa by offering the Solar Sentra solution for monitoring these off-grids. We also want to build a strong and competent management team to take charge of the development of our business,” says Gnugrid Africa.

Gnugrid Africa’s solution allows users to monitor their electricity consumption through “sensors optimised by artificial intelligence. We will also create a local factory in Ido (Internet of Things),” says gnuGrid Africa.
In the year 2019, the Ugandan company has mobilised US$50,000 to develop its technological engine, pilot and launch the “Solar Sentra” solution on the Uganda’s market.

According to this provider of off-grid monitoring solutions in Africa, this process is critical for the African continent where off-grid solar systems are rapidly deploying to electrify rural areas. It allows users to “minimise the downtime of solar systems, proactively plan maintenance and obtain reliable information on system performance,” says AMMP Technologies, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.