African investment location becomes popular for Asian companies.

A resource-rich country in Africa has become an attractive business destination for hundreds of Asian companies who have found it attractive to start trading.

As of now, 17 nations have poured assets into the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ), the bedrock of the Gabon’s trade ventures and manufacturing operations.

Moreover called the Nkok SEZ, the zone was formed as a public-private joint venture between the Gabonese government and Olam International Ltd, the biggest private-sector employer in Gabon and the third biggest agri-business within the world. Extending over 600 hectares, the GSEZ houses 146 financial specialists from different businesses, more than 40 of which are Indian firms.

Gabon has 85% forest cover and many reserves. However, that is not the only reason why other countries are appealing to investors. They also practice sustainable logging, as suggested by the UN to Myanmar.

Gabon’s performance in the Ease of Doing Business rankings has been dismal thus far. But now they are hoping to increase the performance and make Gabon’s rank high by World Bank.

Gabon is increasingly becoming one of the continent’s most economically, politically, and financially stable countries. The Gabonese army has participated actively in UN peacekeeping missions, and the country’s democratically elected government remains in effect.

Furthermore, they have plenty of resources. It’s an excellent time to invest in Africa.

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