Rwanda-Burundi Electricity Interconnection Project Kicks Off

The government of Burundi began the implementation of its section of the proposed Rwanda-Burundi electricity interconnection project. This was made known by Selemani Khamis, the Permanent Secretary of the Burundian Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy, and Mines.

The Rwanda-Burundi electricity interconnection project comprises the construction of a 220-kV transmission line. The line will cut across Kigoma and Butare in Rwanda and Ngozi and Gitega in Burundi. As part of the project, corresponding sub-stations will also be constructed and extended.

In Burundi, the project will entail the construction of a 79.2 km 220 kV, single-circuit transmission line at the Rwanda/Burundi border at Ngozi and then from Ngozi to Gitega. In addition, a 220/30 kV sub-station will be built at Ngozi with a connection to the existing 30kV distribution network.

Moreover, the 110 kV substation at Gitega will be transformed into a 110/30 kV one by installing a set of 110 kV bars and 2 additional 110 kV busbar connections at Ngozi.

Lastly, the Rwanda-Burundi electricity interconnection project in Burundi will involve the connection of the line to the Bujumbura central control centre.

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