UNCDF To Fund Green Public Lighting Project In Morocco

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) recently signed an MoU to finance a green public lighting project in Morocco.

In order to assist local governments in better addressing the major challenges associated with urbanisation by gaining access to sustainable sources of capital finance, UNCDF has developed a global financing mechanism for the SDG Cities programme with the assistance of the International Municipal Investment Fund Technical Assistance Facility (IMIF TAF). This will give the majority of Morocco’s smaller cities access to modern lighting alternatives.

The SDG Cities programme aims to generate public and private investment by using local government assets. While aiding local governments in converting to a wider variety of revenue sources in place of traditional grant financing to address difficulties. Together, UCLG and UNCDF unveiled a fiercely competitive call for proposals for the IMIF TAF. Chefchaouen’s public lighting project was chosen as the winner as a consequence.

With the aid of this initiative, the city of Chefchaouen intends to finish updating its public lighting system. This covers expenditures in energy efficiency, such as converting to low-energy LED lighting and other energy-saving equipment, as well as priority investments in LED lamps. It also includes improvements in electrical cabinets, streetlights, and cables for compliance and safety. In addition, Hassan II Avenue will have contemporary lighting columns.

Scaling up the green public lighting project at the regional and federal levels is planned.
The initiative has no expenditures for the municipality. All compensation will be paid out of the money saved on public lights. Above all, the innovative strategy used by this partnership is meant to be replicated in other localities and scaled up on a regional and national level.

Moroccan partners will establish and provide funding for a revolving fund. The majority of Morocco’s secondary cities will now have access to contemporary lighting systems.

On Wednesday, the municipality and UNCDF officially signed their first finance deal. Which is a significant step toward achieving one of the Malaga coalition’s five goals of creating a global financial system. These goals will therefore benefit cities and local governments and are essential to achieving the world’s agendas.

David Jackson, UNCDF Director for Local Development Finance said, “For UNCDF, supporting local government involves more than a one-time contribution. Additionally, it also involves the investment’s catalytic, transformative effects.”

Mayor of Chefchaouen, Mohammed stated, “This program is an excellent example of the need for people to access funding easily. However, many Moroccan cities need to develop the green public lighting project.

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