US Establishing a biodegradable packaging factory using eggshells with Egypt as a partner

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Egypt’s Minister of Environment, stated that Egypt and the United States have inked a contract to build the nation’s first factory to make environmentally friendly bags from eggshells.

According to the minister, the state wants to offer biodegradable bags as the average plastic bag takes longer time to break down..

In order to comply with the environmental requirements for correctly producing biodegradable bags, the government also supports roughly 3,500 more manufacturers of single-use bags, she continued.

She continued by stating that 3,500 industries are attempting to modify their operating procedures in order to take advantage of incentives for clean production, which also include fresh investments to build facilities that make reusable plastic bags that decompose.

The Minister outlined a set of restrictions on the usage of plastic bags that were imposed by Law, which governs waste management.

To promote the import, production, and manufacturing of secure and ecologically friendly single-use plastic bags, the Minister of Trade and Industry establishes a system of financial incentives and economic, tax and customs exemptions.

Single-use plastic bag production, import, and export are all required by law to adhere to certain requirements and technical criteria.

The manufacture, import, marketing and distribution of plastic packaging are not yet formally prohibited in Egypt.

The action will lessen the amount of plastic waste generated in the nation of North Africa, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claims.