Marula Mining gains mining permits for graphite mining in Tanzania

The company’s position in the battery metals market has been further strengthened by the signing of the agreement with KGIP; Marula now has project interests in the metals lithium, graphite, copper, niobium, tantalum, and rare earths.

Jason Brewer, Marula Mining PLC CEO said:

‘I’m happy to confirm that Marula Mining has continued to expand its assets and fortify its battery metals sector strategy. This agreement with KGIP demonstrates Marula’s growing position in the critical metals sector and our ambitions to expand our business here in Africa. It also makes a significant contribution to assisting the global transition to clean energy.

‘Two of our current mineral assets are now located in Tanzania, and we are happy to keep building up our ties to the country.

‘Our management team is eager to collaborate with the KGIP team as we launch our initial site activities and exploration in the coming year.

‘We intend to position Marula as best we can to mine and supply graphite to international markets because graphite is a crucial component in the creation of electric vehicle batteries and because the demand for electric vehicles is anticipated to dramatically increase.

‘I am confident that our partnership with KGIP will pave the way for further collaboration in Tanzania. I am eager to keep our shareholders informed about our progress with these.’

‘KGIP is delighted to work with Marula because we believe it has a lot of credibility and a positive reputation in East Africa and the battery metals industry.,’ said Saeed Cabdalla, chief operating officer of Kusini Gateaway Industrial Park Limited.

‘In this partnership, KGIP plans to take advantage of Marula’s extensive experience and knowledge. We are looking forward to working with them as we move our graphite project closer to development.’