To Build New Hospitals, Egypt Is Spending $1.8 Billion.

With more than 60% of the new hospital projects in North Africa, Egypt is in the lead. About 108 million people live in Egypt, which constitutes 42% of the population in North Africa. The fastest population growth in all of North Africa is in Egypt. The Egyptian government’s primary goal is to invest in healthcare.

It is expected that about 60% of North Africa’s ongoing hospital initiatives are in Egypt. More than $2.7 billion worth of new hospitals are being planned and built in North Africa. $1.7 billion of these new hospitals’ $2.7 billion cost is in Egypt. The largest hospital development in North Africa now under construction is Capital Medical City in the Cairo Governorate. Rowad Modern Engineering will build the 2,000-bed facility in three phases for a cost of about $850 million.

The new Ibn Sina University Hospital in Rabat will be established by a joint venture between Societe Generale des Travaux du Maroc and Travaux Generaux de Construction de Casablanca.

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