TotalEnergies Will Pursue a CNG and Clean Electricity Production Enterprise

TotalEnergies Tanzania, a multi-energy company, is planning to open compressed natural gas stations starting next year, though the investment is subjected to a pilot programme results.

The firm, also plans to venture in generating solar and wind power then sell to Tanesco in near future as feasibility study and talks are at advance stage.

TotalEnergies Tanzania Legal and Corporate Affairs Director Getrude Mpangile said a pilot project for CNG will start next year and will draw a picture that will decide the next steps.

“We intend to invest in CNG project whereby we expecting to start pilot in 2024,” Ms Mpangile told the `Daily News’ last week during the opening of Tanzania Energy Congress. TotalEnergies was one of the sponsors.

According to Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), up to June the number of vehicles using CNG increased to 2,000 and players are projected to increase from 2 to 9 in near future.

Additionally, the government is considering subsidising the cost of converted cars from oil to gas to speed up the use of CNG in the country.

TotalEnergies is a multi-energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity.

However, in Tanzania the company leads in marketing oil and lubricants. And, since the firm transformed in 2021 starts to change inwardly by solarising their filling stations across the country and offices.

“So, locally, since the change of a name and a new era of the company, we have been able to invest in energy transition and we have started by our own activities and then move into providing different energy solutions to our business partners as well,” the Director said.

“In our operation we have been able to solarise our biggest fuel storage terminal in Dar es Salaam, and our lubricant oil blending plant where the bigger part of the plant operation is operated using solar energy.”

The firm also solarised 69 of its oil filling stations across the country. The multi-energy firm is said to have over 100 stations.

She also said that TotalEnergies plans to invest on production of solar and wind power. The project is on-going well with Tanesco.

“This project is ongoing on well,” Ms Mpangile said, “We have already done the feasibility study. We are moving into next step to enable the starting of the production of solar and wind electricity.”

The firm will soon start marketing cooking gas solution to join the government initiative to enable wananchi to have clean cooking solutions.

“The idea is to join the rest of the world to address the ongoing environmental challenges and make the world a best place to leave,” she said.

TotalEnergies also marketing excellium fuel that prevents up to 93 per cent of fouling of inlet valves in indirect injection engines. It helps to keep the inlet system clear and cleans up to 24 per cent existing fouling on the inlet valves.

TotalEnergies started operation in the country in 1969 and owns the cross-border East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), which will transport oil produced from the Tilenga (TotalEnergies, operator) and Kingfisher (CNOOC, operator) projects in Uganda’s Albert Lake basin to the port of Tanga in Tanzania.