Kenya Power’s Solar Mini-Grid Project on Wasini Island is Nears to Completion

Kenya Power is in the last phases of launching a solar mini-grid project on Wasini Island, situated in Mukwiro town inside Kwale County in Kenya’s southern region.

The mini-grid has a solar plant capacity of 737kWp and includes a 70kVA diesel generator. It highlights 1,820 solar panels and 247 lead-batteries batteries with a total capacity of 2276kWh and is expected to benefit 468 residents.

This project, subsidized by the World Bank in a joint effort with the county government, represents the first electrification of the area since independence. The initiative aims to provide reliable power to support the local fishing industry and create opportunities for income generation.

It is important for the Kenya Electricity Modernisation Project (KEMP), which tries to extend electricity access to underserved communities, especially those in peri-urban and off-grid areas. The region’s positive solar insolation levels make it helpful for solar energy production, contributing to sustainable local development.

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