Tanzania and Uganda to Evaluate Gas Pipelining Feasibility

Tanzania’s and Uganda’s governments have agreed to support a feasibility study for the construction of a gas pipeline connecting Tanzania’s gas reserves with Uganda.

Tanzania Representative Head of the state and Energy Clergyman Doto Biteko said the understanding follows a memorandum of understanding (MOU) endorsed in 2018 between the two nations.

The MoU connected with the pipeline development from Tanzania to Uganda because of the previous making enormous gas revelations in the Remote Ocean and land.

Biteko said: “These two nations have consented to accomplish plausibility cooperate to work with project assessment and give a manual for the practicality of the venture, including the undertaking structure, gas necessities, pipe size and other significant data about the task for navigation.”

According to Biteko, Tanzania discovered enormous amounts of combustible gas—roughly 57.54 trillion standard cubic feet.

In any case, because of expanding interest for flammable gas both locally and globally, the public authority is hoping to investigate different areas including Eyasi Wembere, Songosongo West, Lake Tanganyika and profound water in the sea to increment creation.

Biteko noticed that Tanzania is looking for expected vital accomplices to explore and foster oil and gas sources in a joint effort with the Tanzania Petrol Improvement Enterprise.

Ugandan Energy Clergyman Ruth Nankabirwa is encouraging supporting establishments to offer minimal expense credit as they hope to decrease loaning to petroleum product projects.

Nankabirwa was cited by Reuters as saying: “I need to request those funding establishments that had dropped the thought from supporting non-renewable energy sources to come and back this gas project on the grounds that the gas is perfect.”

As of now, Tanzania is looking for bureau endorsement for a $42bn condensed flammable gas (LNG) project subsequent to finishing exchanges with Equinor, Shell and Exxon Mobil in May 2023.

The LNG project is supposed to open gaseous petrol assets of more than 36trcf.

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