Beka Schreder to Provide the Lighting Solution For One of the New Warehouses at Dube Tradeport

Situated in Durban, South Africa, at the Dube TradePort, BEKA Schreder is pleased that it has provided the lighting solution for one of the new warehouses.

Dube TradePort, a Special Economic Zone, is a planned precinct designed to stimulate industrial and commercial growth in South Africa by luring in global and local direct investment to this region of KwaZulu-Natal.

This top-notch commercial and light industrial precinct supports a variety of airport-related operations, such as cargo operations, warehousing, agricultural growing, processing and cold storage as well as commercial real estate for office, retail and hospitality. It also offers globally coordinated transportation and manufacturing infrastructure.

The majority of the lighting fixtures placed in one of the newest warehouses at the Dube TradePort were provided by BEKA Schreder; all of the fixtures were created and produced in South Africa.

Within the warehouse, ECOBAY and LEDBAY LED low- and highbays were placed. Because of their extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements, these luminaires are extremely energy-efficient and require no replacement lamps for over a decade.

A variety of items have been relocated placed outside the warehouse to guarantee enough lighting, which promotes safety and well-being.

Area lighting has been put on the warehouse walls using LEDLUME 1 luminaires.

Security lighting has been erected around the entire perimeter by ELLEGA. The ELLEGA offers a flexible range of luminaires to illuminate a variety of landscapes thanks to its straightforward but incredibly elegant linear form.

Outside the structures, SERIES 40 rectangular LED bulkheads have been erected. For residential or commercial constructions, retail spaces, shopping malls and public buildings, general area lighting is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of the building and its surroundings. The variant with the additional battery backup is ideal for load reducing.

BEKA Schreder is a South African company that designs and produces energy-efficient LED lighting products that are appropriate for the region.

They take great pride in working with RWK Electrical Construction and DNA Consulting Engineers & Project Managers to successfully complete this project’s LED lighting system.

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