Thwake Dam Will Be Completed by 2024, says Water Secretary Eng Samuel Alima

The government is determined to finish the Thwake Multipurpose Dam, which rises to a height of 80.5 metres, by February 6, 2024. Speaking at the confluence of the Rivers Athi and Thwake in Makueni County, Water Secretary Eng Samuel Alima explained that the government was closely monitoring and accelerating the dam’s construction in order to enhance food security in the lower eastern region. We’ve made good progress so far, and we’re on track to finish by the deadline (84.4 percent),” noted Alima while addressing the media during a monitoring progress tour at the site. We constantly maintain an attentive eye on these projects, and we physically meet at the location once a month.

The China Ghezoubha Group of Companies (CCCG), the contractor, has been directed by the government to deliver the dam as scheduled. We’ve given the contractor instructions to make sure the dam is finished on schedule. In order to secure a big embankment for the future dam, the Water Secretary highlighted the challenging endeavour of filling around 11 million cubic metres of materials. It will take roughly three months to fill boulders and large stones and a further two months to settle. 8 million cubic metres of enormous stones and the remaining 3 million cubic metres of material have now been added to the dam. In the meantime, phase two of the hydropower generation project will start in February of next year, and in addition to providing clean water for residential consumption, around 100,000 hectares of land will be irrigated in the area.